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External master thesis: Parameter Identification and Design of Experiments (DoE) for complex mechatronic systems

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Process Systems Engineering
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This is an external master's thesis, which is offered in cooperation with the IAV in Gifthorn. IAV is a medium-sized automotive supplier with approximately 6,000 employees. Your tasks: In this work, the methodical process for setting parameters of a simplified first-principle model of a mechatronic system benchmark has to be developed. The individual tool blocks are to be prototypically implemented in MATLAB. This includes in particular: - The identifiability criteria and methods of analysis - Definition and solution of full or moving horizon least squares estimation problems, and - Active estimation using DoE projections - An essential element both for solving the least squares problems and the implementation the identifibility analysis is the efficient numerical simulation and high-precision sensitivity generation (1st and 2nd order) of the underlying ODE system. Your skills: - Ongoing studies of electrical engineering, mechatronics or similar degree - Very good handling of MATLAB / Simulink - Sound knowledge of systems theory, control engineering and engineering mechanics - Experience in optimization and optimal control - Safe handling of mathematics, especially of numerical simulation. - High degree of commitment, creativity and learning and motivation