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CFD - DEM - Modeling of colloidal fouling in a microfluidic channel

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Chemical Process Engineering
Masterthesis / Bachelorthesis
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Colloidal fouling is the decisive challenge in every microfluidic system. However, the fouling mechanisms aren't well investigated yet. Microfluidic systems help to visualize and understand these fouling phenomena. During this thesis, simulations should be developed, which visualize the fouling behavior in a microfluidic device. Therefore, CFD-DEM Simulation should be used to combine particle (DEM) and fluid motion (CFD). The following work packages shall be done in this thesis: - Learning the software OpenFOAM - Implementing a CFD - DEM model This thesis offers you: - Knowledge about CFD and OpenFOAM - Theoretical knowledge about hydrodynamics - Comprehensive support You are interested? Contact me and we discuss the topic in detail.