Final Thesis

Desalination depending on the position of the electrodes

Key Info

Basic Information

Chemical Process Engineering
Masterthesis / Bachelorthesis
Focus/Key Topic:
experimental / constructive


Reverse Osmosis is a common desalination technique. Recently, capacitive electrochemical methods are discussed intensively. These methods depend on the electric field between the two electrodes. Through special adjustment of the electrodes, the influence on the electric field shall be examined and improved.

The work offers you:

  • insights into a very innovative field of research
  • structured approach to scientific research
  • an extensive supervision
  • experience in practical lab work

You should have:

  • interest in practical work
  • curiosity and interest at learning
  • autonomous working
  • accuracy and orderliness
  • basic knowledge in electrochemistry and electronics

If the topic catches your interest, please contact me. In a personal meeting we can talk about the topic in more detail.