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Process Systems Engineering
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The Process Design Group at AVT.SVT continuously offers Project theses, Bachelor theses, and Master theses.

Our focus is the conceptual design, optimization, and simulation-based analysis of (bio-)chemical and energy processes. We consider various levels of detail ranging from screening entire reaction networks over the analysis and optimization of process flowsheets to the design of single unit operations. Our work includes the development and use of computational methods for simulation and optimization, as well as experimental work for determining property data and developing new process steps. Main applications include sustainable processes for alternative fuel production, biomass conversion, energy conversion, and polymerization.

If you liked lectures like
  • Conceptual Design of Chemical Processes
  • Computer-Aided Process Design
  • Applied Numerical Optimization
  • Thermodynamics of Mixtures
and you are interested in the development of novel processes, our work might be interesting for you.

Please check the AVT website for current offers from AVT.SVT on process design before contacting us via e-mail. If you do so, please indicate your main interests and previous experience and include a transcript from CampusOffice so we can help you find an interesting topic in this field.