Final Thesis

Extraction and purification of a high value natural plant based component

Key Info

Basic Information

Fluid Process Engineering
Forschungspraktikum for Biotechnologen
Focus/Key Topic:


The utilization of natural chemicals for pharmaceutics, cosmetics and food products continues to gain in importance. One effective industrial method for the production of these plant chemicals is solvent extraction. A solvent extraction process is governed by different process parameters such as choice of solvents, temperature, reactor design and properties of the natural components. Therefore, these parameters play an important role in optimizing extraction kinetics and increasing selectivity and space-time yield. The results of laboratory scale experiments on optimal parameters can be used to design industrial processes.

Your task:

In this work a different process parameters should be optimized for the extraction of a high value component. The existing process should be optimized for further down stream processing (e.g. chromatography) The down stream process should be developed to gain high selectivity and yield with respect to the target markets cosmetics and pharmaceutics. The work will be complemented by a literature research.

We offer you:

  • Work on a future-oriented topic
  • Planning and Optimizing of a series of experiments
  • Autonomous experimental work in the laboratory
  • Knowledge about extraction out of plant material
  • Working in a highly motivated team

If you are interested in the topic, please feel free to contact me!