Final Thesis

Electrochemical fouling prevention

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Basic Information

Chemical Process Engineering
Focus/Key Topic:
experimental / constructive


Membrane technology is used in a wide range of industrial applications, such as wastewater treatment and separation of emulsions and suspensions. The use of membrane technology is mainly impaired by the fouling process, which deteriorates the membrane performance.

This thesis investigates a novel electro-chemical fouling prevention method using inorganic porous hollow fiber membranes.

The thesis comprises the following steps:

  • Experimental investigation of the filtration behavior of newly developed inorganic membranes
  • Development of fouling prevention strategies
  • Testing

It is possible to write the thesis either in English or German. This thesis is supervised by Theresa Lohaus ( ), Deniz Rall ( ) and Benedikt Aumeier ( ). Please contact us if you are interested.