Final Thesis

Optimisation of thermal energy storage strategies for Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) in different electricity markets

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Process Systems Engineering
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This project will attempt to find optimal concentrating solar power (CSP) thermal energy storage schedules subject to different energy market mechanisms that can vary between countries and jurisdictions. The student will intitally simulate the case of a fixed energy price, where scheduling is subject to intermittencies in incident solar irradiance. This will serve as a baseline for inclusion of energy regulations such as the Spanish day-ahead market to observe the effect of such regulations on energy storage strategies. Expected outcomes from the project are: - A heuristic describing the relationship between fluctuating market prices and optimal energy storage schedules - Generation of optimal thermal energy storage schedules for different energy markets - Comparison of different energy markets through presentation of optimal energy schedules that answer to respective market mechanisms. - Conclusions about the suitability of different energy markets for stimulating construction of CSP plants with thermal energy storage. The intersted student should have an understand of power plant operations, linear programming, and be interested in understanding the effect of market mechanisms in the uptake of renewable energy technologies.