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Kinetic identification for enzymatic reactive distillation

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Process Systems Engineering
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Kinetics identification of enzymatic reactive distillation Reactive distillation is a promising field in process intensification. The combination of reaction and separation in one step has many benefits, such as reduction of equipment costs, improved product quality, reduction of side-products and waste. However, due to the fact the chemical reaction and separation processes precede simultaneously, modelling, as well as obtaining identifiably models for these systems poses a great challenge. The goal of this thesis is to determine if a rigorous reaction kinetic model for enzymatic reactive distillation columns can be identified.
In this master thesis, in collaboration with the “Lehrstuhl für Fluidverfahrenstechnik” TU Dortmund, reactions with immobilized enzymes will be studied. The objective of this thesis is to try to deduce an identifiable reaction model starting with the mechanism of lipase-catalysed transesterification with inhibition. Based on real experimental data the kinetic parameters will be estimated and the model will have to be systematically reduced in order to obtain a rigours, mechanistic-based identifiable reaction model. As initial experiments will not be sufficient, new experiments will have to be planned using optimal experimental design. The main work packages of this thesis are:

  • Parameter estimation and model reduction based on experimental data
  • Optimal experimental design in order to improve parameter precision

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