Final Thesis

Cost Analysis of Production Routes for Tailor-Made Fuels and Biochemicals

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Process Systems Engineering
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August 17, 2017


For the sustainable provision of chemicals, energy, and fuels novel processes are required which use locally distributed biomass. Multiple concepts which are based on biotechnological and chemo-catalytic conversion have been invented and researched recently. However, previous comparisons are based only on mass or energy efficiency. However, the comparison of different process types (e.g. pretreatment via gasification, pyrolysis or solvents; conversion via gas or liquid phase reactions or fermentation, etc.) with different material and technologic requirements is expected to show enormous cost differences. Until now, however, the available evaluation methods do not include modules for costs and therefore do not permit a comprehensive comparison.
In a first step, the available process designs of for different biofuels are to be combined and an apparatus-based cost estimation is carried out. As a first result, minimum production costs of the products are calculated. This cost estimation of the different processes should then be compared with the literature to analyze the differences between the process types. The second step is to develop a reusable cost module for the examined process types, which makes cost prediction possible by means of a few process parameters at an early stage of process design.