Final Thesis

Diamond-Membran aerated bioreactor (MABR): CAD construction, simulation and 3D printing

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Chemical Process Engineering
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constructive / simulativ
July 2017


Membrane aerated bioreactors (MABR) combine many advantageous characteristics. You can save effort in down-streaming if you immobilize the microorganism (MO) in your fermentation. By immobilizing the MO on a gas-permeable membrane, oxygen supply is established for the organism. The all-over requirement of oxygen is thereby reduced. Moreover, with the bubble-free aeration, the shear stress of MO is minimized. Plus, foam formation in the reactor is prevented. This MABR type of reactor is now to design as a plug-flow reactor in the geometry of a "diamond". The "diamond" is a mathematical optimized 3D structure, which seems very beneficial in terms of MO cultivation. First target of this project is the CAD construction of the Diamond-MABR. The second target is the flow dynamic adjustment of the in- and outlet of the reactor. During the whole construction process, prototypes are manufactured by 3d printing. Finally the Diamond-MABR has to be installed and tested.