Final Thesis

Fabrication and examination of micro particles from milk proteins

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Basic Information

Soft Matter Process Engineering
Focus/Key Topic:


Phase separation and gel formation are important research areas in the flied of soft matter process engineering. Supramolecular protein structures are used as carrier systems for the transportation of bioactive substances by the pharma industry as well as the food industry. To fabricate those supramolecular proteins, usually small proteins are first destabilized and then linked to larger aggregates.
Our workgroup has developed a new method for the targeted fabrication of supramolecular proteins without previous destabilization. We use casein micelles, that have been obtained from milk, as building blocks. The addition of pectin leads to and aggregation of the micelles to larger micro particles, which can be stabilized by compression during film drying.

The focus of your work is to examine the influence

  • of the size of the casein micelles
  • of the type of pectin used
  • of shear stress and drying speed

on the formation and stability of the micro particles.

Your work includes literature research, experimental lab work as well as the interpretation of the collected data.