Final Thesis

Construction, commissioning and automation of an overpressure-measuring cell for the detection of sedimentation and coalescence phenomena

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Basic Information

Fluid Process Engineering
Focus/Key Topic:
experimental / constructive / simulativ


The separation of two immiscible liquids is an important aspect in liquid-liquid extraction and reaction process engineering. In general, the separation process takes place within a liquid-liquid settler. The design of the settler depends on the operation mode as well as on the component system used. The component system is characterized by its chemical-physical properties such as density, viscosity and interfacial tension. These properties influence the separation behavior, which can then be observed in the sedimentation and coalescence of the system. For the detection of sedimentation and coalescence phenomena during the separation process, a suitable measurement methodology has been developed at the chair of Fluid Process Engineering. This methodology is based on an experimental investigation of the separation behavior in a laboratory-measuring cell with a subsequent optical test evaluation. The operating range of the laboratory-measuring cell is limited to ambient pressure and temperatures up to 80°C. However, many industrial processes are operated at overpressure and high temperature range, which requires a further development of this measuring methodology.

In this thesis, the measurement methodology has to be extended to overpressure and high temperature processes. For this reason, a new overpressure-measuring cell has to be constructed. The elements of the measuring cell (stirrer, temperature control, etc.) as well as the process monitoring have to be automated using LabVIEW. Afterwards, the laboratory-measuring cell has to be commissioned using an EFCE standard test system. Finally, the thesis has to be documented.

The thesis is subdivided into the following tasks:

  • introduction period to the topic,
  • construction of an innovative overpressure-measuring cell,
  • automation of overpressure-measuring cell using LabVIEW,
  • commissioning of the overpressure-measuring cell,
  • documentation of thesis.

During this task you will gain:

  • deep understanding of physical relationships for liquid-liquid separations,
  • experience in automation with LabVIEW,
  • laboratory experience,
  • good supervision.

For this task you should bring along:

  • interest in this topic,
  • ability for structured, independent and solution-oriented working,
  • creativity and ability to solve problems.

If this topic is interesting for you I would be grateful to tell you more about the topic.