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Metal Organic Frameworks for enzyme catalysis

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Chemical Process Engineering
Masterthesis / Bachelorthesis / Forschungspraktikum for Biotechnologen
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October 2017


Within the last decades, more and more industrial processes use enzymes as catalysts for the production of fine chemicals and drugs. However, the low stability of the enzyme under non-physiological conditions often hinders a broad application. The immobilization of enzymes on solid supports is one possibility to overcome this limitation and to increase the enzyme stability. Therefore, a current challenge is to design tailor-made support materials, which can be adapted for the immobilization of various enzymes and possess a high loading capacity.

A new type of material called „metal organic frameworks“ (MOF) consists of metal ions and organic linkers. MOFs form a micro porous crystalline 3D structure with a well-defined pore size and a high surface area. Recent publications show that enzymes embedded in the micropores of the MOF are protected against denaturation even in non-physiological conditions.

This thesis investigates the synthesis of MOFs and their application as support material for enzyme immobilization. The thesis includes:

  • Synthesis of MOFs with high enzyme loading
  • Activity tests to determine the enzyme activity after immobilization
  • Establishment of a new fabrication method for enzyme/MOF membranes
  • Characterization of the resulting enzyme/MOF membrane

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