Final Thesis

Module design for ammonia synthesis

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Chemical Process Engineering
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Ammonia NH3 is one of the most important chemicals in the world. Approximately 80% of the NH3 produced is used as fertilizer to supply the world's population with sufficient food. However, the conventional ammonia synthesizing technology, Haber Bosch process, is one of the largest energy users with a huge CO2 emission. A more environmentally friendly alternative method is desirable in order to be able to produce NH3 in a sustainable and environmentally compatible manner, for example using an electrochemical membrane reactor. In this project, the electrochemical reduction of N2 to NH3 is investigated. For this purpose, the process and the electrochemical membrane reactor will be studied and optimized.

This thesis will be focusing on the new reaction cell design and the application of new membrane material in ammonia synthesis.

The work offers you:
  • Introduction of your own ideas into research field
  • Systematic approach to scientific research
  • Knowledge about membrane module design and electrochemisty
You should have:
  • Interest in practical work and experiments
  • Curiosity, interest at in learning about new areas (electrochemistry)
  • Base knowledge of Autodesk or AutoCAD software

If the topic catches your interest or you have questions please contact me ( We can also meet in person if you would like to have more information. I am looking forward to hearing from you.