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Inclusion of transient plant model into optimisation of energy storage scheduling for concentrating solar power (CSP)

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Process Systems Engineering
Masterthesis / Bachelorthesis
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The increasing penetration of solar photovoltaics (PV) into electricity grids worldwide introduces transient effects that can compromise grid stability. With the introduction of so-called dispatchable solar energy in the form of concentrating solar power (CSP) with thermal tenergy storage, these instabilities may be reduced. Thermal energy storage must be wisely implemented, however, with storage times and generation times optimised to emphasise this advantage. In this project, the student will focus on incorporating a detailed power plant model into the problem of optimising thermal energy storage scheduling. The model will be used for the purpose of estimating the limitations on power plant transitions when optimising for best storage strategy. The model will be called by a higher-level optimisation solver and will provide realistic physical constraints to the problem in order to provide the best estimation of optimal storage strategies. The student will have knowledge of solar thermal power plant operation, along with skills in numerical simulation of time-dependent processes. The student will also be familiar with optimisation concepts. The thesis is available to begin as soon as possible.