Final Thesis

Adsorption - prediction of thermodynamic equilibria

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Chemical Process Engineering
Masterthesis / Bachelorthesis
Focus/Key Topic:
experimental / simulativ
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Adsorption is an established process for purifying gas and liquid streams. Here, we focus on water treatment. Adsorption from liquid phase is decisively more complex than from gas phase, since at least three components (solute, solvent and adsorbent) result in at least three types of interactions: solute-solvent, solute-adsorbent, solvent-adsorbent.

In this work, the influencing parameters should be identified and their effects should be separated - experimentally (BA/MA) and simulatively (MA only). The aim is to predict the thermodynamic equilibria of adsorption. Your tasks include:

  • Labscale adsorption experiments varying the relevant influencing paramters
  • Interpretation of results on basis of thermodyn. fundamentals and steric effects
  • Calibration and prediction of equilibria by means of molecular-thermodynamic simulations COSMO-RS (MA only)
  • Preliminary experiments to test the feasibility in water treatment processes

What you get:

  • Practical skills for experimental labwork
  • Profound insights into the theory of adsorption
  • Close supervision

If you are interested, motivated and a self-dependent student, please contact me via email ( for further information.