Final Thesis

Design of a reactive extraction to seperate a biotechnological produced substance

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Fluid Process Engineering
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White biotechnology is booming the past years. It gives the opertunity to manufacture products which were based on fossile products by biogtechnological and regenerative resources. Modified bioorganisms catalyse former chemical synthese path ways and yield in important products and methapolites for further synthesis of products which still are formed in a petro chemical way today.

The product is highly diluted in an aqueaus dilution after fermentation. Furthermore, the broth is polluted by by-products of the organism. Reactive extraction to seperate the product in a selective and concentration rising way is examinated. Therefore a second immiscible phase (cf. oil and water) is used. In the second phase are reactive components, which bind the the product in a reversible way and give the product to another aqueaous phase in a following back extraction with as less as possible by-products and a high as possible product concentration. This phase is treated in further process steps to yield the aimed concentration.

In previous work found a suitable material system for extraction of the product. Part of this work is the calculation and execution of the process step on an extraction apparatus on a pilot plant scale. The aim of the work will be the recommendation of an apparatus and the appropriate operating parameters for industrial implementation.

Requirements are:

  • Interested in working in the lab
  • Independent, structured and solution-oriented working
  • Interests in physical correlations of fluid-fluid-extraction

If you are interested in this work, feel free to contact me. I would be glad to tell you more about this subject in person.