Final Thesis

Designing a redox flow battery, specialized for slurry electrodes

Key Info

Basic Information

Chemical Process Engineering
Bachelorthesis / Projectthesis
Focus/Key Topic:
experimental / constructive


A redox flow battery (RFB) is an energy storage unit for renewable energy sources. We are currently investigating on one of the most promising RFB, the All-Vanadium RFB. These batteries utilize Vanadium metal as redox active species to store electrical energy in electrochemical form.

In this work, we want to design a Vanadium RFB, by using slurry electrodes. Slurry electrodes are a dispersion of electrically conductive particles in a liquid electrolyte. These particles dynamically move inside the electrolyte and provide charge transfer from current collectors to the active species. It is crucially important to design the cell interior to have evenly distributed electrodes. Therefore, we are looking for interested students (BA,PA) to work on the design of the RFB cell.

Your responsibilities;
- Designing the flow channels (Using 3D manufacturing)
- Building the battery
- Operating the battery

Desired skills;
- Basic drawing skills on Cad/Inventor
- Basic speaking and writing skills in English
- Interest in energy storage and electrochemistry

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