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Investigation of mass transfer through micorgel covered interfaces

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Fluid Process Engineering
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Microgels are polymer particles which, due to their switchable properties, have a high application potential in process engineering. The deformable polymer particles are characterized in particular by switchable structural changes. These cause a change in properties, especially at liquid-liquid interfaces. A promising field of application is the liquid / liquid extraction, where the microgels should stabilize the rising drops and thus guarantee a uniform drop size distribution in the column. Since the stabilization is based on the attachment of the microgels at the interface, this paper aims to investigate the influence of this additional layer on the mass transport. The aim of this work is the systematic investigation of mass transfer by microgel-stabilized interfaces in a nitsch cell. Influences, such as microgel size, concentration and the size of the transition component are investigated. The results of the work are to be discussed and documented.