Final Thesis

Construction and commissioning of a DN50-pilot-plant-column for liquid-liquid extraction

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Fluid Process Engineering
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Extraction is a separation process that unconsciously uses a large portion of the population in everyday office life. The coffee machine uses the principle of solid-liquid extraction cup by cup. The flavorings are transferred from the ground coffee bean into hot water.

For extraction two mutually insoluble phases are necessary. Therefore, it is equally possible to perform a liquid-liquid extraction (LLEx) instead of a solid-liquid extraction. The extract is not transferred from a solid phase (coffee beans), as in coffee, but from a liquid phase (e.g., water) into another receiving liquid phase (e.g., oil).

The extraction is used for the selective separation of molecules from multi-component mixtures in industry and is one of the established methods of thermal separation processes. An apparatus implementation for the process control of the LLEx is the extraction column. Extraction columns are scaled to industrial plants using experiments on pilot plants.

In this project, an eight-meter-high extraction column will be set up to validate a simulative scaling of laboratory experiments. The column will conform to a scale so that the dimensions and operation of industrial extraction columns can be determined by the results of experiments on this column and scaling factors based on experience (Krekel & Siekmann, 1985 / Vogel 2000).

Requirements are:
  • Interested in constructive work
  • Thorough, structured and autonomous work
  • Interest in the physical context of liquid-liquid extraction
If the topic appeals to you, I would be glad to explain the topic to you in a personal conversation.