Final Thesis

(CFD) parameter study on sinusoidal hollow fiber membranes

Key Info

Basic Information

Chemical Process Engineering
Focus/Key Topic:


Due to their comparatively mild process conditions, membrane processes offer an attractive alternative to numerous conventional separation unit operations.

Through modern manufacturing methods, it is possible to produce hollow fibers with geometries that differ from the usual straight tubular form. By superimposing a sine wave form on the membrane wall, a significant increase in mass transfer is anticipated.

To obtain extensive insight into the transport mechanisms, the various influences of different process and geometry parameters should be quantified in a study, comparing simulative to existing experimental results.

In the scope of this work, a characterization of hollow fiber membranes shall be conducted. To ensure the applicability of this study, the results should be presented in a dimensionless manner.

Your task will be to:

  • Review existing literature on the topic
  • Deduct characteristic parameters for the description of the problem
  • Investigate the influences of said parameters in simulations
  • Present your findings in a dimensionless manner
What you should bring:
  • Interest in the topic
  • Independent and thorough work ethic
You will be offered:
  • A detailed insight into current research topics
  • Experience in simulative research