Final Thesis

Tubular reactor design for a sustainable electrochemical process

Key Info

Basic Information

Chemical Process Engineering
Focus/Key Topic:


Background Electrochemical reactors convert electrical energy to energy stored in chemical bonds and are a suitable means to store energy produced by fluctuating renewable sources. Today, many reactors are so called plate-and-frame modules, which employ a planar geometry. In contrast, tubular geometries have a superior energy density but are challenging to design. In this project your task will be to improve the design of an existing tubular reactor based on the in-house developed CNT-based microtubes. The suitability of the design will be validated by electrochemical measurements. These will be evaluated in terms of energy efficiency and selectivity.

Your tasks
  • design the reactor with the help of CAD software and rapid prototyping technology (3D printing)
  • assemble the reactor and test for basic functionality: leaks, electrical connections etc.
  • test the electrochemical performance
What we expect
  • a highly independently working student
  • lab experience
  • experience with CAD software
What you can expect
  • learn the basics of electrochemistry (no previous experience needed)
  • use 3D printing technology for your reactor design
  • highly motivated supervisors
  • a fun working environment