Final Thesis

3D CFD Simulation and Matlab modelling of multiphase devices

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Fluid Process Engineering
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In chemical processes after nearly every reaction a separation plant is needed since the product stream exists out of educts, byproducts and products. One possibility for separation is the extraction. At the chair of AVT.FVT especially a model based design of liquid-liquid apparatus is developed.

The fluid dynamic in reactors is of importance for the efficient usage in industry. The mixing in an apparat influences the residence time and the separation efficiency. The energy input caused by the mixing leads to breakage of the droplets and increases the area for mass transfer.

We developed a simulation software, which models all above named effects based on CFD simulations. This model accounts for the effects of the apparatus geometry on the fluid dynamics. Within this thesis, CFD simulations shall be performed and integrated to the simulation tool. Additional models shall be developed, integrated to the MATLAB model and systematically analyzed. The thesis is subdivided into several tasks:

  • Literature research,
  • Getting to know the program
  • Generating the mesh
  • Choosing the simulation set-up
  • Simulation studies
  • Implementation of additional models and functions
  • Systematic analysis of the integrated functions

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