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CES Project thesis - Machine learning and optimization

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Basic Information

Process Systems Engineering
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Description of the thesis:

In order to optimize complex chemical processes it is often necessary to develop detailed models of the process. The development of such models is often time-consuming and it can yield complex models, which are not useful for efficient optimization. Thus, the employment of machine learning surrogate-models such as artificial neural networks, Gaussian processes, and convex region surrogate models can be useful for optimization.

In the proposed work, you will extend an existing machine-learning algorithm for an industry application. This will include the implementation of a GUI as well as some code modifications. Finally, the algorithm will be applied to a current engineering problem.

What we expect from you:

  • You should be open-minded and enjoy working in a team (also enjoy programming)
  • You should be interested in machine learning, neural networks, chemical processes, and optimization
  • You should be very good at programming (C++)
  • You should be able to communicate in English

What we offer you:

  • A highly motivated team
  • Always a contact person for your work
  • Lots of challenging and interesting tasks
  • A possibility to gain in-depth knowledge about artificial neural networks, optimization, machine learning


If you have any further question or if you are interested in the work, please feel free to contact me.

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