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Analysis of a novel cleaning concept for decentralized drinking water treatment

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Chemical Process Engineering
Masterthesis / Bachelorthesis
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Decentralized drinking water treatment at i.e. household level is an important complementary pathway for water supply in case of low infrastructure in many remote areas. Ultrafiltration is a potent treatment option since it combines removal of pathogenic microorganisms with removal of solids and some organic compounds. At the moment, there is no commercial treatment system at household level that is able to treat river water over a prolonged period of time due to clogging or insufficient treatment (Aumeier et al., "Evaluating water purification at household level in India", Desalination and Water Treatment, in press, 2017).

At AVT.CVT we investigate a novel membrane cleaning concept that enables sustainable drinking water production from river water. Your tasks include:

  • Defined membrane fouling experiments with existing labscale setup
  • Experimental comparison of different membrane cleaning procedures
  • Interpretation of results towards underlying cleaning mechanisms
  • Optimization of cleaning parameters

What you get:

  • Practical skills for experimental labwork
  • Profound insights into transport and cleaning mechanisms
  • Close supervision

If you are interested, motivated and a self-dependent student, please contact me via email ( for further information.