Final Thesis

CFD Simulation on a membrane surface

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Chemical Process Engineering
Focus/Key Topic:
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The hydrodynamic has a decisive influence on the separation performance of a membrane process. On the one hand, the hydrodynamic directly influences the mass transport of the membrane process. On the other hand, the deposition of particles is affected by the flow conditions on the membrane surface.


Hence, a CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) model shall be developed during this thesis to investigate the hydrodynamic on a membrane surface. This model shall be simulated with the open source software OpenFOAM.


The following work packages shall be done in this thesis:


  - Learning the software OpenFOAM

  - Implementing a CFD model


 This thesis offers you:


 - Knowledge about CFD and OpenFOAM

 - Theoretical knowledge about hydrodynamics

 - Comprehensive support about CFD simulation


You are interested? Contact me and we discuss the topic in detail.