Final Thesis

Determination of the influence of the particle size on the hydrolysis of beech wood with cellulases and hemicellulases

Key Info

Basic Information

Enzyme Process Technology
Forschungspraktikum for Biotechnologen
Focus/Key Topic:


The use of biomass for the production of biofuels is necessary to figh climate change. To produce biofuels on basis of lignocellulosic materials an enzymatic degradation is needed to produce glucose for further fermentation. This hydrolysis is performed by cellulases and hemicellulases. In the following work I want you to determine the influence of the particle size of pretreated beechwood on the hydrolysis yield. What you can expect:

  • Thorough introduction to our labs
  • Good supervision
  • Up-to-date look into a fascinating field of science
What you should have
  • Lab experience
  • Good ideas
  • Tidy work
  • Motivation
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