Final Thesis

Thin polymer films interacting with fluids

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Chemical Process Engineering
Masterthesis / Bachelorthesis
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April - August


Thin and ultra-thin (<100 nm) polymer films find applications in many important technological areas. For example, they frequently constitute key elements in solar cells, membranes, sensors or displays. In many of those areas thin films may come in contact with various fluids, which impact the film properties. I am currently offering several exciting projects in the area of thin polymer films, focusing on high free volume polymers. These unusual materials possess a large amount of empty space in their structure, which makes them particularly interesting for membrane separations. Not much is, however, known on how they interact with fluids, like high pressure gases or organic solvents. Such knowledge is crucial for their widespread technological use. The projects will involve working at the interface of chemical process technology and polymer science and the outcomes will be anticipated to significantly extend both fundamental and application research areas. In the project you will have a chance to work with high-end sample preparation and characterization techniques as well as gain relevant laboratory and data analysis experience. All of this under very close and comprehensive mentoring  If you are interested, please contact me: Dr. Wojciech Ogieglo or