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Deterministic global optimization (DGO) is concerned with the estimation of an optimal global solution to nonconvex problems. It is widely used in the field of chemical engineering for modeling of polymerization processes, heat-exchanger networks and even in parameter estimation. In order to solve global optimization models, valid over- and underestimating relaxations of the objective function and the limiting constraints are constructed. McCormick proposed a technique for a systematic construction of valid convex and concave relaxations for factorable functions of the form


with univariate outer functions Fi and multivariate inner functions fi . We have been involved in the development of novel relaxation methods of functions for the deterministic global optimization, partly in collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the Imperial College London (ICL). In particular, we have shown that relaxation of programs is possible with the McCormick technique. We also extended the original method to multivariate outer functions and developed the Taylor model arithmetic. This resulted in the open-source code MC++, led by Dr. Benoît Chachuat. The open-source implementation is available at COIN-OR and includes our multivariate relaxations and the Taylor model arithmetic.

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