Exchange Programs

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Studying abroad offers excellent opportunities for personal and professional development. The exchange programs are supervised by various departments, in each of which some students of RWTH Aachen can study abroad. Course achievements fulfilled abroad can be easily integrated in the curriculum in compliance with the formal conditions.

RWTH Aachen University offers numerous opportunities for exchange programs at partner universities in Europe and around the world. A general overview

In addition to the RWTH Aachen partner universities AVT maintains contact with excellent research groups at internationally renowned universities. Due to this networking the following offers for an integrated exchange program are particularly interesting for students in process engineering:

Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA

AcalNet - Aachen California Network

Texas A&M University, USA

University Houston, USA

University of Alberta, Kanada

ERASMUS Exchange National Technical University of Athens, Greece

ERASMUS Exchange University of Cambridge, England

ERASMUS Exchange University College London, England

ERASMUS Exchange University of Strathclyde, Scotland


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