List of courses offered in Summer term

Courses Lecturer ECTS Examination
Applied Product Development Wessling P4 6 Written Project, Report
Bioreactor Design Büchs V2, Ü1 3/4 Written Exam
Renewable Ressources in Biotechnological Processes Büchs V1 2 Written Exam
Chemical Process Engineering Wessling V2, Ü1 6 Written Exam
Computational Systems Biotechnology 1 Wiechert/Noack V3, Ü2 Oral Exam
Computational Systems Biotechnology 2 Wiechert/Noack V3, Ü2 Oral Exam
Introduction to Process Engineering Jupke V2, Ü1 4 Written Exam
Presentation of scientific topics Büchs P8 3 Presentation
Mechanical Process Engineering Gebhardt V2, Ü2 6 Written Exam
Medical Process Engineering Süleyman V2, Ü1 4 Oral Exam
Measurement Technology and Analytics in Process Engineering Büchs V0, Ü2 2 Written Exam
Model-Based Estimation Methods Reusken, Mhamdi V2, Ü2 5 Written Exam
Modeling Technical Systems Mitsos V2, Ü1 6 Written Exam
Online-Monitoring of Fermentation Processes Büchs V2, Ü0 3 Written Exam
Chemical Product Design Wessling V2, Ü1 4 Written Exam
Conceptual Design of Chemical Processes Mitsos V2, Ü1 4 Written Exam
Computer-Aided Process Design Mitsos V1, Ü2 3 Oral Exam
Rheologie Gebhardt V2 Written Exam
Simulation Methods in Mechanical Engineering Mitsos/ Behr V3, Ü3 3, 3 Written Exam
Thermodynamik I Wirt.-Ing. Jupke V2, Ü2 3, 3 Written Exam

Seminar in Process Engineering (SS)

AVT - Professoren V0, Ü2 4 Oral Exam
Water Treatment Processes Wintgens V2, Ü2 4 Oral Exam

Without engagement.
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