Biochemical Engineering (Prof. Dr. Büchs)

Courses Lecturer ECTS Examination
Bioprocess Kinetics Büchs V2, Ü1 6 Written Exam
Bioreactor Design Büchs V2, Ü1 3/4 Written Exam
Renewable Ressources in Biotechnological Processes Büchs/ Regestein V1 3 Written Exam
Interdisciplinary Laboratory Büchs Ü3 4 Written Exam
Presentation of scientific topics Büchs P8 3 Presentation
Cost and Economy of Bioprocesses Büchs V1, Ü1 2 Written Exam
Measurement Technology and Analytics in Process Engineering Büchs V0, Ü2 2 Written Exam
MTL Versuch 8.1 Büchs Ü3 3 Oral Exam
Online-Monitoring of Fermentation Processes Regestein V2, Ü0 3 Written Exam
Lab Course Downstream Processing and Enzyme Catalysis Anders / Rother V8 9 Presentation
Reactionstechnology Büchs V2, Ü1 4 Written Exam

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