Simulation of High-Temperature Processes



Matthias Kalkert


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Simulation of High-Temperature Processes

At IVT, process models for high temperature processes have been developed, implemented and tested by means of a flow-sheet simulation tool.

Several high temperature processes have been simulated successfully:

  • Metallurgical Processes
    - LD-Converter
    - Electric Arc Furnace
    - Ladle Furnace
  • Thermal Waste Treatment Processes
  • Clinker Burning Process

In these processes, reaction progress depends on thermodynamic and chemical equilibrium as well as on transport conditions inside the reactor. For the development of a process model, transport conditions therefore need to be investigated closely. They are modelled using a cell model, which can e.g. be derived based on a CFD- analysis of the flow conditions inside the process. To calculate reaction progress locally, a thermochemical equilibrium calculation tool is added to the flow-sheet simulation. This modelling technique has been successfully applied to several high temperature processes.

  • Flash Processes

The modelling of flash processes in metallurgy and waste treatment includes a completely coupled simulation of multiphase flow and reaction progress. Therefore the thermochemical equilibrium calculation tool was added to a CFD environment. The modelling method was developed on the smelting cyclone.

The modelling methods of cell modelling or CFD simulation coupled with thermochemical equilibrium calculations can be applied to different high temperature process. They enable the user to dynamically analyse complex phenomena which often cannot be investigated experimentally. The process models developed are used for process optimisation. They as well form the basis for the development of process control schemes.