Mechanical Process Engineering

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Research Topics MVT

  • Membrane Processes
  • Rheology
  • Comminution, Mixing and Separation

The Chair of Mechanical Process Engineering (AVT.MVT) is rooted in the former Chair for Mechanical Boundary Areas and the former Chair for Mathematical Methods in Chemical Engineering in the year 1992. From 1994 til 2014, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Modigell was the Head of the Chair.

Research Topics

Research work at "Mechanical Process Engineering" focuses on energy- and environmental technologies, rheology and the development of high resolution experimental measurement methods.

The AVT.MVT participates in two joint research projects which deal with the development of membrane based power plant processes for carbon capture and storage. Main tasks are the system development for high temperature air separation as well as process design and optimization. The simulation tools used for this purpose also find their application in the analysis of high temperature processes such as clincer-burning or the production of pigments.

The development of regenerative processes plays a role in the portfolio of the AVT.MVT. Within an EU-funded project the biogas upgrading and the recovery of methane from the fermentation broth is investigated. Furthermore, the pretreatment of biomass b a screw press or screw reactor is studied.

The focus of the rheological work is on the investigation of suspensions from semi solid metal alloys used in so-called thixo forming. The range of work reaches from experiments in self developed high temperature rheometers to simulate filling processes with the parameters determined in these experiments.

Fundamental research is performed on mass transport phenomena in falling liquid films. A luminescence based, non-invasive method has been developed that allows measurements of concentration distributions of absorbed gases in flowing liquids at high spatial and temporal resolutions. The results of experimental studies are used to develop mass transport models and to improve design methods for technical devices like film absorbers.

Publications of Mechanical Process Engineering