Enthusiastic AVT participates in indoor soccer tournament

  Das AVT-Fußball-Team posiert vor dem Tor AVT

Last Friday a team of 9 players from AVT played indoor soccer against other teams, also from several departments of RWTH Aachen. The department Metallurgische Prozesstechnik und Metallrecycling (IME) organized for the second time the indoor soccer tournament 2. Metallurgischen Fußballcup, sponsored by health insurance company TK – Techniker Krankenkasse. 12 teams started in the soccer tournament; during each match 5 players per team with at least one female player were playing.
AVT lost the first match 4:12 against the direct competitor, the department of technical thermodynamics (LTT). A reason for the high lost also a newly established rule was; goals of female players counted 3 goals. In the second match, the team of AVT improved their performance especially in defence but they lost again 0:2. It was noticed that only in the team of AVT female player were playing during the second match. Many other teams did not follow the rule about that always one female player per team has to play during a match. As a consequence less and less female players were playing in the end of the tournament.
However, the team of AVT started the last important match against the team from IBF (Institut für Umformtechnik) highly motivated. During the match AVT were in front with 3:1, but in the last 5 minutes the other team became better and in the end both teams scored a 4:4. Due to bad results of the group matches both teams were eliminated from the tournament, in the end the team of LTT won the tournament.

In conclusion, AVT showed a strong team performance during the tournament. For the player from AVT team the fun of playing soccer together was more important than the sporting ambition. We are looking forward to the next indoor soccer tournament, the RWTH Hallenfussball Cup, middle of March 2018.